Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{Brady (my son)}

I know the blog has been seriously neglected here lately.  I have been super busy and editing like a crazy women. :)  But, today is my son's birthday!!  My baby is now 4 years old.  I can remember like yesterday the 14 hours of labor this beautiful child put me through and when he decided to take his first steps at 15 months seems like just last week also.  It makes me sad at how time flies when we aren't paying attention.  Well, enough of my sentimental self  ( I am blaming it on being tired ;) and look at my baby now!!

he really is a camera ham!  Brady is the sweetest little guy... he is ALWAYS telling me he loves me.  I laugh because he tells me it so much I think he says it because he has nothing else to say :)  I know I hear "mama I love you" every hour when he is not at school.  He loves to give me kisses too.  Do you think he will always be a mama's boy?????  I hope so :)

He is a little prankster and loves to be silly!!

a few facts about Brady!
His favorite color is purple  (or at least that is what he says... i think he likes saying the word)
He gets super mad when his sister calls him a baby :)
He has this obsession with monster trucks and motor bikes
He likes to talk about aggigators (aka aligators)
He is VERY competitive 
loves to give hugs and kisses and
he has a sweet tooth and loves to eat the icing off cupcakes. :)

Oh, how I LOVE THIS little man!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

{Beautiful Baby M}

Meet baby M at 7 days new!

Seriously........  I have no words!!!  This baby is just BEAUTIFUL! and was WONDERFUL!!! through her whole session.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

{Sara -Tioga Sen10R}

We had to do Sara's studio portraits a couple of weeks ago thanks to the wonderful Louisiana weather so we finally got to meet up again and do her location shoot.  I know she is patiently waiting on these or is it impatiently??  She made my job super easy as I bark out orders haha (my only time to be a boss LOL) in the bending, posing , look this way, head down, chin down, chin up, and my favorite to always capture the DON'T smile......  they always crack up but she nailed it every time!!.  Sara is just stunning!!

Sara,  I will call you when I have all of your proofs ready!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

{Shearin Family}

Had the most adorable family come see me last week!  If I remember correctly mom was a little worried about their oldest son because he is normally not picture ready.........  oh, but how wrong was she!  He was wonderful!  Now,  the baby really was not in to the picture thing.  LOL! But still managed to get some great shots!

I know!!  that is a lot for just a sneak!!  You should see the proofs this poor mama is going to have to go through!!  Aren't those boys just adorable??!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{a few updates}

Thought I would fill everyone in on what is left for the Easter Limited Editions that are scheduled for March 19th, 20th, & 21st.  
Saturday, there are only 3 2 spots left open that day,  Sunday is booked , and  Friday morning still looks pretty good.

Seniors!!!    What are you doing to ME!!!! LOL  Unfortunately if you do not call and book with me now I am not going to be your photographer because as of right now I am scheduling over into the week of  March 29th for regular sessions.  Just something to think about. :-)

Now, for the beautiful Miss Olivia!!  She wasn't real sure at first.  She gave me some of her gorgeous natural looks and just trying to figure me out :)  but then she warmed up!  Just how pretty is this little one?!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{AND THE WINNER IS........................}

Lucky number 5...... Skye.  Whoo-hoooo!!!  Skye just email me and I will tell you what you need to do.

And just because Tammy is the SWEETEST person ever.  She is giving everyone 15% off their order.  All you have to do is put my name in the discount code "Brandi" and voila you get 15% off.  How cool is that!

Last,  just because a post is no fun without a pic. here is the beautiful Sara.  She is graduating this year from Tioga High School!!  Don't worry Sara there are more to come ;-).

Monday, March 1, 2010


I don't always post my maternity portraits because I leave it up to the mom to be if she wants them posted and I am so glad that Lorin did not care if I shared some of her beautiful  portraits with all of you.

Such an adorable couple and proud as can be.  I am pretty sure you CAN NOT look much better than this being pregnant........... disgusting isn't it??!!!!  LOL.

Lorin, it was nice meeting you and I hope to meet your daughter in the next couple months. :)

{Mr E}

 Have to say I fell in LOVE with this little guy.  He is just WAY to CUTE and SWEET!!  Mom and I had the best time taking his portraits.  I know she is waiting on me to post these!  I can feel it ;) LOL!

Now,  can you pick a favorite out of those?!?!!  I CAN"T!!

{Baby P}

Sweet, sweet little guy but just really did not care to sleep to much for me and mom.  He would go to sleep but as soon as he was down those eyes were wide open. lol!  Tell me he is not already spoiled rotten?? :)  Mom is blaming it on dad. 

No,  I did not get a new chair but, oh how I wish it was MINE!!  I am pretty sure if I thought I could get away with it I would have hidden it ;)  I LOVED IT!!!

oh,  and I have not forgotten about the winner on the Easter post.  I am waiting to here back from Tammy on the lucky number that is going to win one her fab-U-lous headbands.  Keep checking back !