Monday, August 26, 2013

Tiger Sprouts 2013 contest

This years tiger sprouts is scheduled for September 6-8th.  Sunday is already full but have some times left for Saturday.
Many of you have been in touch with me about my tutu's and petti skirts, yes I have them and you are more than welcome to use them if you want.

To make things a little fun if you share this on your FB page you will be entered to win a free Tiger Sprouts session. :) Be sure to link me back to it.  Hope everyone is having a great MONDAY!


Long time no blog

So,  I tried to convert over to a different blog over a year ago and there was just to much for me to process on how to get in going on top of not having anytime to dedicate to it so I am converting back to what I know.  We are all creatures of habit right :)  So,  I am just a little over a year late on showing some of the beautiful babies I get to see.  Take a look at  brother and sister.  They were amazing one on one but not so crazy about wanting to share the spot light.  lol.