Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yep, on top of the holiday season it is also senior season and this is Ashley.  She was telling me that she was going to school to be a pre-k/k teacher.  I am pretty sure my mouth dropped open when she told me that (not meaning it to ) and I said "ohhhh...... are you sure??? hehe  I told her she was more than welcome to keep my pre-k'er.  I am pretty sure he could make anyone change their mind in wanting to teach that age haha!  Okay,  he may not be THAT bad but he has his moments!  I just wish his teacher would at least give him a pity happy face.  I get stressed out with all his uh-oh faces. 
Anyway, I am sure Ashley is going to make a GREAT teacher she seemed to def. have the patience needed for that age.

So, as I am SOOOO behind on posting pics due to trying to keep my head above water during the holiday season thought I might should share some of the adorable kiddos and babies I have had recently.  Okay, here is overload on cuteness......

 This baby and the next baby (newborn) are 1st cousins.  Both boys and sooo close in age..... can you imagine all the trouble them two are going to cause their mama's haha    How cute are they?!?!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Mini Sessions

I was needing a model so who else would be better than Kelly's (my assistant) little boy.  Grant is just adorable!  Okay, so here is what I am going to do....... My original dates being Nov. 12 & 13 starting booking before I really got to announce anything and that Saturday the 14th is booked.  So, with that being a little unfair I have decided to squeeze another Saturday in there.  November 6th is WIDE open (as for now ;))  These are mini sessions that last about 30 minutes and are Christmas themed.  Some things can be added or taken away and the session fee is $35.00.  Here is my number........641-1184.

I made this real quick so not a whole lot of creativity here haha! but I needed to put the background up for you guys. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010


Yes, I am still around!   Holiday season is in swing so I am trying to focus on editing right now and my blog and facebook are being a little neglected, but I had to share these images with you.......Monica was one of my  first customers when we moved to this area and I have been taking pictures for her three years now.  First was with the adorable Nolan that I ALWAYS love to play with him, and then Molly was born and I took her newborn portraits.  Then a very sad moment happened when god decided to have little Molly back with him after only 4 months with us.  I get a phone call sometime later and it is Monica telling me the wonderful news that she was expecting again!  I was SOOOO excited for her and her family.  Seemed like a long time waiting, BUT finally.....  I got to meet Cooper!

Monica is just an amazing person and I enjoy every time I get to talk with her and play with her kids.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Meet this beautiful 13 day old.  Oh, at those pretty little lips!  She is just perfect!  Once she got a full belly she was out and me and Kelly got to just play!  Poor Kelly has baby fever REALLY bad! 

 I LOVE this one of her and her mamma!  Just BEAUTIFUL!

 Dad was so funny!  I think this is probably how most dad's feel with a baby girl! haha