Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas sessions

Yes, Christmas season is in full swing and we are actually at the end of it.  I have extended my Christmas dates till November 23rd for those of you who are wanting portraits for Christmas cards or gifts.  Spaces are limited but there are still a few times available.  I finally put one of my ideas in play and I think it turned out great!  I was wanting to offer something different this year for Christmas presents so we made a portrait clock. 

Baby K

So, I get a Facebook request today from my mother in law adding me as a friend and I got so tickled because I knew the only reason she set that up was because I have not been posting any pictures to my blog.  She always ask "have you posted anything lately"  and my reply "no, but I have to facebook"  she got tired of waiting on me haha.  But, here I am and I am posting the beautiful  baby K.
With this new blog design if you click on the picture the rest will come up ( I think.....)