Monday, February 21, 2011

Whew!!! talk about a lot of post in one day!   I told you I had some catching up  to do and there is still more!
This is Cooper.  I just LOVE his mom and older brother Nolan!  Cooper was a  little ticked at me during his session and was very vocal in telling me to leave HIM ALONE! haha but by his pictures you would never know it ;).  I guess I caught him in between yelling at me lol. Completely adorable little guy!

TWINS! I did moms maternity pictures and could not wait to meet these precious little girls.  They were perfect in every way!  I know mom was pretty tired during their session :)  I hope she is getting a little more rest now.

here is a picture of before and now :)
OHHHHH Mallie!  Baby can you get any CUTER!!!!  I will have to stay in touch with Mollie and introduce Mallie to my Brady when they get older ;).  I like my son's future girlfriend(s) but I can't stand my daughter's
future boyfriend(s) haha is that bad of me???

This baby girl is just gorgeous!  She was a little older than what we  typically do for newborns so we were prepared for the worst haha but nope this little one was one sleepy baby. ;)  Mom did say that she kept her up all morning so she was pretty wore out by the time she got to me.   I think her images are just beautiful!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


What a fun and completely ADORABLE little guy!.  My mom keeps mentioning "the little guy in the airplane suitcase" and how she loves that picture so okay mom here are some more for you to see ;).  Nate was a complete joy to work with! I know that Lauren is probably waiting on me also.

It has been a week of newborns.  My goodness I have had so much fun with all of my new ones.  I know it has been a little while so I am going to tease you with just one for now.  But I promise to post more.  I am on a editing marathon today :)

Look at this sleeping beauty....... sigh.............

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Got us a super duper cutie that has my heart just because he is so dang cute and sweet but also because he is a Louisiana Tech fan.  I myself am a Tech fan because that is where I graduated from. (many years ago but who is counting ;)  So,  mom has been stalking my blog so I hear haha and is going to come to my house if I don't post this little angel some time soon.  Natalie please come to my house only if you don't mind cleaning or folding some clothes (my most hated thing to do..... I think I am allergic to it).

Oh, she really didn't plan on coming to my house I just added that hoping to get it cleaned. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okay, so there is no telling how many of you have tried calling over the past week.  No,  my phone has not been off the hook!  lol.  I have lost Internet and phone privileges  :).  But Suddenlink promises to give them back to me very soon.  Well,  they haven't  completely taken it away..... it comes and goes but mostly goes haha. So, if you have been trying to get in touch please keep trying, you can also try to send me an email and I will have Kelly check for me.  And this image is totally how I have felt these past few day! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

 I have been doing some product shots for this wonderful headband site and thought I would have my Natalie model one for her. :)  If you are into the vintage look or have never heard of etsy you need to go and check her out. :)  Don't blame me for your addiction though ;)  Here is her link. fabflowerheadbands