Thursday, May 26, 2011

Since I have been REALLY bad on posting this I will extend this through the first week of June.  It did get posted to facebook  but for some reason my blog got skipped.  Sorry.
So,  I have been told several times that I need to do a blog post!   It has been since Natalie's birthday since my last and that is ALREADY a month ago.  Seriously,  I think I put a mental block on how busy this time of year is for us with softball/ baseball, dance and dance recital, gymnastics, AND trying to keep grades up because there are so many activities going on Whew! Well enough excuses ;)  here is a beautiful newborn that we done several weeks ago but definitely thought she needed her own blog posting for those of you that did not see them on facebook.

Little Anna is just beautiful and was the best sleeper.  I just LOVE those cheeks!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{My Natalie}

My precious sweet baby girl turned 9 last week.  How the years have gone so fast! When we went to visit a good friend of mine Hope another photographer was also visiting which is another friend of mine Melissa.  We went out to play and of course Nattie was our model.  She is so used to having orders barked out to her when in front of the camera  and she does them on command without second thought haha.  You want smiles, serious, or funny she has it.

My little girl is so full of energy it drives me CRAZY sometimes!  She is ALWAYS moving if she is not doing flips she is doing her clogging steps. She can not be still. :)

I always post a few facts about my kids on the birthdays so here are a few of My Natalie
~ you have to wake her very gentle and not push tooo much in the morning or her claws come out.
~ her favorite color is Black (go figure??)
~She paints her fingernails and toenails just about every night and has about 20 different colors.
~She can't wait to get braces.
~when she grows up she want to be a pediatric dentist
~She LOVES to play softball
~ and she loves to write me letters
~ oh, and one more just because this drives me crazy!!  Her room is ALWAYS a disaster!

I love her sooo much and I hope that we can stay best friends.
Now a few from her wild slumber party...... yep I completely lost my mind haha!

Happy Birthday Nattie!